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☺ Hello the modern People today I do not bring post not of shops not looks you nor reduce today it is a solution for the untid bees my good friend Tiaeld Tolsen believes that a Computer further down I give quite the explanations  🙂 :

• Here  u can Find This Product : RLV Quick Dresser Pro (Advanced Attachment Management System)


Introduction and Features

Thanks for buying the Quick Dresser Pro (from now on we’ll call it QDP). This little gadget is (if not the only) one of the most efficient and advanced RLV-based inventory organizers actually. It haves such features as:

-Uses the RLV technology to access and manage avatar inventory folders.
-Unlimited number of folders and folder depth levels.
-Multilanguage HUD and customizable messaged via notecard.
-Customizable and roleplay messages when you attach, switch or detach a folder that can be disabled.
-Ultra efficient minimalist design with an optional information hover text.
-Just 1 prim and 1 script, the quickest response time without irrelevant or inefficient features.

Using QDP desn’t require those tedious or complicated configurations or limitations, and can be used almost instantly following this steps:

1) Check that your viewer supports and haves the RLV (Restrained Love) API enabled. Almost all viewers (but the LL’s officials, unfortunately) includes it. If it’s not enabled, enable it (you’ll likely find it in the “Advanced” menu of your viewer that will appear pressing CTRL+ALT+D) and relog. This step will be only needed once.

2) Organize your objects inside the #RLV folder. If you don’t have a folder called “#RLV” in your inventory (in the root level, along with Gestures, Animations, Objects, etc..) create it and put the objects you want to use with the HUD inside. QDP will read only the folders inside #RLV, but you can put as much folders you want inside.
e.g.: Create the “Weapons” folder inside #RLV where you can put your weapons, each one inside it’s respective folder with a short and descriptive name like “Knives”, “Sword”, “Gun”.
There are no rules for folder names but two exceptions apply:
-Folder names must not exceed 24 characters.
-Folder names must not begin wih a dot (e.g: “.Something”).

3) Attach manually the contents of all the folders you may have inside #RLV just once. Doing this will make the objects inside the folders to be reordered so the viewer will know where to attach exactly all your things. This is only needed one but you’ll need to repeat the procedure with each new folder you may add to #RLV.

4) It’s all done! Wear the HUD, wait a couple seconds so it will finish it’s first time setup. When it finishes (the left button will become red), click the right HUD button and select the folder with the contents you want to attach. Is that easy!. If you followed the example in the last step, you’ll need to surf to the Weapons folder with the HUD. Just click the red button, select the “Folder” option, click in the Weapons folder and you’ll be ready to click the right HUD button to choose your weapon.

☺ Spanish:

Introducción y Características

Gracias por comprar el Quick Dresser Pro (que en adelante lo llamaremos QDP). El pequeño aparato que tiene en sus manos es uno (si no es el único) de los más avanzados y eficientes organizadores de inventario con RLV existentes actualmente. Contiene las siguientes características:

-Utiliza la tecnología de RLV para acceder y administrar carpetas del inventario del avatar.
-Número de carpetas y profundidad de carpetas ilimitados.
-HUD Multilenguaje y mensajes personalizable vía notecard.
-Mensajes de RP personalizables y desactivables al ponerse, cambiarse o quitarse una carpeta.
-Diseño minimalista y ultra eficiente con un texto flotante informativo opcional.
-1 Prim y 1 Script, el tiempo de respuesta más rápido sin características irrelevantes o ineficientes.



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